Thursday 17 November 2011


Because many of my lovelies are owned by felines I have added two very splendid cats to my SCANDI LOVE and NAUTI LOVE series. Clever Like A Cat introduces a serene siamese with steady blue eyes and a beautiful chocolate mask. A cat with an accent and an imaginary beret!

Let's Dream Of Fishing is my ode to black cats, particularly Monkeycat, our darling boy, whom we got to share for a little while. A real moggie, skinny and shiny, faster than greased lightning, who can smell tuna the minute you put can opener to tin. A sea cat, an alley cat, a yowly growly cat.

R380 unframed (excl. postage & packaging) 248.5 x 205 mm. An edition of 20.
R630 framed in white or natural Kiaat wood, iKHAYA

1 comment:

  1. Oh my these are beautiful! I am a big siamese cat lover so of course im in love with this siamese cat as well! I love these and the whole series its apart of!