Wednesday 20 August 2014


Dear Lovelies

It has been many moons since I blogged and I know some of you have wondered if I fell off the edge of the world. Some days it feels like I did, but for happy reasons not sad. I have been painting and making things out of clay. I have made a quick Facebook page to document what I have been up to and would love for you to visit Kim Longhurst - The Painted Blackbird. Otherwise follow me on Instagram at blackbirdkim.

Bye Now

Wednesday 15 January 2014


Hello Lovelies! Hope you all had a rest, a spring clean, some sun, some cake and a whole lot of love these holidays. Back to school for the Little, who is getting big, today - so officially back to work for me although I have already been glued to my machine over the last week, putting together a very exciting project. I love my blog and having been doing it for a while now and it needs a facelift, like desperado. So I will be posting sporadically while putting together a blog makeover behind the scenes. Who knows how long it will take? I am determined to spend more time making real stuff this year, less digital, more hands and heart so may take a while. If you miss me you can keep me in your thoughts on Instagram @blackbirdkim
Stay Gold and catch you later