Thursday 10 November 2011


Sneaky me I skipped a step and went straight to ink, time is a tick tocking and I need to be done with my illustration by tomorrow. This is now the line work layer that I have scanned and will be the first part of my Photoshop layered document. It is also the layer that I will make into an overhead projector transparency (Yes I have one and only an old B&W photocopier would beat it as my fave schoolhouse piece of equipment) which I will then project onto the board to get my proportions right.

Today I am going to throw away the frills of prettiness that my hands just can't help and show you the tools of my trade. The actual ones that I use, some of them are aged, my knife I have had since Tech cough cough so it is 22 years old and no that is not the original blade even if it does look like it. My brushes are new because I work them hard and I need them to keep all their stray hairs in place. Swan drew the smiley face on my eraser. The red cap is not my normal ink dipper but I have run out of the bottle caps I use. They are the perfect size to hold enough ink so that it does not dry up too quickly. The ink I use has shellac in it which gives it a beautiful crisp sheen but also makes it thicken fast. OK I need to go work now, will show you some more layers later.

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