Tuesday 8 November 2011


Woot woot, Scott and my board has arrived! It is sooooo purdy! Did a post in October called SURF LOVE which introduced you to the Wavescapes Auction. I am going to be posting my progress over the next few weeks which is something I have never ever done before. Normally I don't let anyone see what I am doing and get all HUFFY and irritable but am going to try and be a big girl hmmmmm. Will also get some info on the artist who shaped the board.

First part of the process is to photograph the board.
Then we make a template in Freehand (or Illustrator if you are so inclined). The board is shaped by hand so this gives us a basic format but later when we actually work on the board there is some give and take.
I have a rough idea in my head, sometimes I have even done a dodgy sketch, then I do some reference gathering. This normally involves a Google search and helps me flesh out my story. I also get anatomical reference if I am going to be drawing a specific pose or need to see the details on an animal.

My idea for my side of the board this year is The White Whale or MOBY. This is my reference collage, please excuse the lack of credits but the collage is normally for my eyes only. If I have used one of your images please feel free to give me the link and I will happily post it.

This morning I need to get cracking on my pencil sketch, the bare bones of my work and the most critical part I think as it carries the pure emotion of my story. Time is a ticking!!!

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