Thursday 31 May 2012


It's I HEART Market time this Saturday the 2nd June. Hoolilay! Extra splendid news is that Rhenda, iKHAYA, and I have been secretly preparing for a bonanza double table. The extra one will stock my prints as well as some brilliant product ranges that we have been developing. Expect the repurposing of the traditional plus fresh ideas. Here's a sneak peek at a range of original artworks that I have produced especially for Sat. There are only 12 altogether so don't be late!
Limited edition hand printed with letterpress and pencil detail. A5 on 200g Ashrad R100 each unframed. No two alike but editions of 3.

Wednesday 30 May 2012


Today is part two of my love for glitzy pendant light fittings, cue LEE BROOM a young British designer with high glam style. Swoon. I so love crystal and gold right now! Just need a penthouse.

Tuesday 29 May 2012


Dude!! How much more fabulous could these Ruskii+Ruskii Twist by ENRICO ZANOLLA be? A tribute to St Basil's cathedral in Moscow. Ssssshwing!

Monday 28 May 2012


Today is a simple point you in the direction of a lovely blog day! NINAINVORM has the best colour palette ever!!! So cheerful and simple yet detailed, very lovely. The styling of her photos is trés delightful!

Friday 25 May 2012


Martha Stewart
Now the triple threat in visionland that started with a pantry includes the fraternal twins laundry and scullery. A certain clever birdies beautiful laundry sent my head into a spin, thoughts of black and white floor tiles and a butchers basin not to mention lovely storage for fresh clothes and no missing socks. Plus lots of jars and enamel tubs. Sigh and sigh again.

Design Sponge

Home As Your Own Creation

Decorating Den

In The Country

Country Living

Thursday 24 May 2012


In a rush today as I have a glorious Making Morning with Rhenda from iKhaya. My latest weird but seemingly shared by many others obsession is Flower Frogs, the clear glass and the rusty metal ones. Used to hold flowers in place in vases before the advent of the gross green foam stuff. Most of these images are from Etsy and also from the lovely FROG GOES TO MARKET.

Wednesday 23 May 2012


There are some days when I wish to transported instantly elsewhere with a fat wallet in tow - Bloomsbury, London in fact, to the very door of this store BEN PENTREATH LTD. It is run by a very clever maker called Bridie Hall, I like what she makes and I like what she keeps and I like what she sells.

Tuesday 22 May 2012


I haven't done a post in a while on my low brow ladies, so here's a real humdinger CARLA BEDINI. I adore the textured surfaces she uses for her work, the Klimt like gilded luminosity and Munch like gaunt darkness. She's captured a Game of Thrones like medieval fantasy and let it loose in Fae. Can't choose my favourite images, there are too many so go on a witch hunt yourself.

Monday 21 May 2012


Happy Monday Lovelies! Here is episode 4 in my visiony thang. A tree swing, this one is perfect it combines my love of porch swings with a good old fashioned tree swing and there is space for 2 bigs and a small. Purdy.

Friday 18 May 2012


Happy Friday from my 15 year old self!

Thursday 17 May 2012


Woot woot! Pg 34 VISI Autumn Issue, Luigi Buoy lights, iKhaya. On an expedition, two lovely ladies had an idea, the idea was made real by a man with clever hands (and one trip to the A & E), the ladies promise to always go on expeditions and to use their busy hands and create even more products.