Wednesday 23 November 2011


So here is my set up for the next phase of my board which is the hand painted stuff, yippeeee! See my trusty lucky water bottle, I have had it for yonks! As I have been painting feverishly this post is not 'live', just nabbing a quicky while I'm waiting for something to dry. Am almost finished! Whew!

This is the board with the paper masks removed, I sanded the edges as the masking tape leaves sharp 'cut' lines which aren't so purdy. Distressed some of the white so blue shows through which worked out really well - happiness!

I really enjoyed painting the blue tattoo's, did a lovely watercolour like undercoat then the darker indigo detailing. I have not used the projector this time as we have had so much rain and the outside studio is not waterproof. Did not want to go Kaboom! It's weird it has actually made me less tense and I have enjoyed the the painting so much more. Just goes to show that old skool is cool.

I be lovin' my birdy! I can be really fussy about where eyes go, his is just right.

I have a severe case of painters finger hee hee. Goodnight Sleeptight.....

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  1. wishing i was a surfer...she's a beauty! hope you get to rest those hands soon.