Friday 20 December 2013


To all my Lovelies

Thank you so much for keeping me company through this year and for following our MESSY STUDIO journey so avidly. It has been a tough year not just for us but for many people but (and someone famous once said that anything after a BUT cancels out what came before) we have learnt amazing things! I have made some plans and let some plans rest. 

So wishing you all a very splendid, prosperous 2014 full of new adventures.

I will be back in the second week of January. Toodaloo!

Big love

Thursday 19 December 2013


SASHA VINOGRADOVA is a digital artist, I wish these beautiful skulls she rendered were real! Russian patterns are my fave.

Wednesday 18 December 2013


I have been chained to my desk with burning brain doing tax admin for days and finally finished yesterday. Took some Google medicine and found this amazing site, MORBID ANATOMY. It is as if someone scooped out my heart and laid it on a plate, yours too Juzee!

Thursday 12 December 2013


In between the wonderful bitter sweet lightning visit by my parents (who leave this evening - sad face), being audited by SARS and relentless rain we managed to lay the new grass in the back yard. No more building site! Waiting for the victorian bath to come back from the enamelers, finishing the planter with topiary frames and lavender, then the outside will be done and dusted.

Monday 9 December 2013


We got the best surprise early Christmas present, my Mom and Dad here from Perth for a very short week to attend a friends big birthday festivities. I had 5 days to convert the MESSY STUDIO into a habitable room for them, the big spanner in the works being the flood last Tuesday. One inflatable mattress and some rearranging of the cubbies and work table and Hey Presto! the MESSY STUDIO B&B. It is one heck of a tight squeeze but has done the trick. How awesome is the brass clothes rail/picture drying rail that I had made by PROJECT ROOM.

Friday 6 December 2013

Wednesday 4 December 2013


Nature is crazy and powerful, even when you live in the burbs in a city. At 1:45 pm yesterday the heavens opened with not a whimper but a bang, dumping a huge wave of water in a very short space of time. The MESSY STUDIO flooded, a year of building to make sure this did not happen and it did! Luckily Scott was at home and rescued the bags of new stuff on the floor waiting for me to style up for the big reveal. Luckily I had not moved the cowskin out yet, was planning on doing that this morning! Needless to say it is a lovely sunny day today, Scott mopped all the water up and the MESSY STUDIO is dry again.
pic Thomas Baines 1865

Tuesday 3 December 2013


So we arrived back from the lovely FORDOUN pampered and rested, I then did what felt like 400 loads of muddy washing and decided to embark on the fixing up of the backyard - as one is wont to do when our muscles are nice and loose and we have a French manicure. Our poor backyard has borne the brunt of a year of building, of cement slurry, cigarette butts and a weird array of construction detritus.

So I carefully lined the base of the planter with thick plastic and then began the wonderful mystery of recreating the layers that you see in the pictures of the centre of the earth. All the wet bark that had been a Frenchie ablution went in, so did a few roof tiles and the old metal grid from the drain, two small planks and a piece of wire, two bags of hay and the rich compost that we created our very own selves in a green plastic bin. We then thanked the chili, tansy and rose geranium that contributed their green selves to a layer and freed up the cast iron bath to be Swan's summer pool. A flurry of little green praying mantises were re-homed on the Jasmine. Scott leveled the land and now we have a lovely mud bath, ready for grass, gravel and some snooty cement borders.

The bath is being collected this morning to be re-enameled on the inside, I love the rusty base so we are keeping that as it is. The lime tree will be moving to join our mini orchard down the sunny side of the house and then we will have a glorious handkerchief of grass just big enough for a picnic blanket.

Monday 2 December 2013


How cool are the official catalogue shots of our board for the ART AUCTION on Wednesday, 4th December, at Superette, Woodstock Exchange. Have a sneak peek at the rest of the submissions HERE.