Monday 17 October 2011


Following on from the September of Scandi, October brings all things nautical. Ahoy and Yoho and Crow's Nests to you all! Have kept to a similar format but changed the colour palette and inking style. I love letterpress and etched botanical, zoological and anatomical - vegetable and mineral illustrations. I love the layering of fine strokes and the gentle wash of aged water colours. Sailors knots are the cheese as well.

Gulls are so funny, they really crack me up! Everytime I see them I always think of the Mine! Mine! Mine! scene from Nemo. A hilarious combo of crow and duck. While the whale has a spout this little fella has a cloud, cause' having your head in the clouds isn't always a bad thing.

There is something about octopi that I love, they have a strange sheepish look that seems to say give me a cuddle. That is if you would want to cuddle something that has a rather lethal beak and tends to ink if it gets nervous. I dream of enormous octopi that embrace submarines 1000 leagues under the sea or fire lazers from their eyes to incinerate Godzilla in downtown Tokyo.
R380 unframed (excl.postage and packaging) 248.5 x 205 mm. An edition of 20.
R630 framed in white/red/blue or natural Kiaat wood, iKHAYA.