Sunday 6 November 2011


iKHAYA looked so magical on Friday, Rhenda and Nev have created a new space that embodies the history of the old shop but with even more strength and purpose. I wanted everything!!!! The shop is ever evolving so visit often as treasures fly out the doors lickety split. 435 Windermere Road. Go to Coelho Culture to see Jo's wonderful photos of the store.

I LOVE vintage brooches with a capital L.O.V.E but am kinda a t-shirt, plaits get stuck in pins, bag across the body kind of gal. All of which are brooch murderers. I buy them though because they are like small sculptures, I think of the people who wore them, how they were treasured, sometimes they say Mother which makes me sad. They remind me (like vintage postcards and old family photos) of passing time and passing lives. I don't want them to be forgotten. They are my LOST & FOUND.

Hankies without pockets.
Brooches without pins.
Charms without bracelets
Buttons without collars.
Books without pages.
Ribbons without pigtails.

Blackbird collect them up.
Blackbird love them up.
Blackbird mend them up.
Blackbird sew them up.
Blackbird make them up.
Backbird sell them up.

It was so rainy when I shot these so the photo quality is a bit poor. I added on a few more bits and bobs to Tiger Tiger but just wanted to get a snap of it before it started bucketing. The best one See No Hear No Speak No Evil missed out on the photo op, so think of it as the surprise in a Lucky Packet.

This is my way of repurposing things that belonged to people. Giving them a chance at a second family. I add new things too here and there, reworking packaging from the basic elements into the artworks. Each hoop comes with a vintage postcard and a handmade gift tag. They can be framed or hung up as is. You can add some of your own treasures, it is a great way to display fragile items that would be damaged if worn. Bring your beauties out of their tissue paper. Sugar & Spice is already SOLD.
R499 each at iKHAYA. No two are alike.