Thursday 6 October 2011


It's Wavescapes Art Auction time of the year again. This will be the 4th time Scott and I have been invited to paint a surfboard. I am so excited, it is a magical substrate to paint on and I love painting on a larger scale than my day to day illustrations. There are 10 boards which are auctioned to raise money for various sea related charities like the NSRI and Shark Spotters. Last year the proceeds topped the 100k mark. Previous artists include some of my art superheroes like Conrad Botes and Brett Murray.

For my 2010 board 'I'll Always Be True' I used vinyls and spray paint to make the background pattern, then painted over the damask with acrylic, I loved the layered effect. The boards are different each year and shaped by some legends on the surf scene.


  1. Amazing work, looks awesome!

  2. Thank you, they take a lot of late night retina burn and elbow grease but are so worth it!