Tuesday 14 August 2012


I am a fan of eccentric women, particularly in the world of art and fashion. They live life big and to their own tune. They are not afraid to stray from the path expected of them and they could fill tomes with the story of their colourful lives. I don't think the way is easy but they forge ahead all the same with an inbuilt sense that what they are doing is right. YAYOI KUSAMA is a doyenne of pattern and repetition. She was huge in the avante garde art scene of 1970's New York. Her work is primarily conceptual installation and she raised the highest figure for an artwork sold at Christie's for a living female artist. At 83 she continues to rock out! New geometry long before new geometry.

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  1. Kimmie, have you seen the LV x Kusama collaboration?

    Have a look on:

    I wanted to smash the glass out of the Sakae store and steal us some tentacles xxxx