Monday 6 August 2012


I am jumping around a bit today as this was the final trend for the MR P installation. We used a really cool and slightly lethal transfer technique which is great fun if you want to make a simple print on fabric. As the splendid Miss Caryn and I had not made these transfers for much passing of time it took us a little bit of practise and much Darth Vader noises to get the combination of solvent and applicator just right.

My concept was a combination of a travel journal and the saying ' to wear your heart on your sleeve'. I also love Tibetan prayer flags and wanted to create a colourful, layered travel story. I made up a series of one colour designs with all the imagery linked to journeying to exotic destinations. Originally I printed them on my lazer but with prompting from Scott and some unsuccessful test runs, we had them photocopied. So the technique is this: copy a black and white image in reverse( the copier must lay down toner not ink), place image print side down on a piece of cotton fabric, apply benzine with a cotton pad and some pressure. * PLEASE wear gloves, protective glasses and a proper mask with filters in a well ventilated area, otherwise you will damage your lungs, eyes and fingers.


Thank you again to CARYN TILBURY for her nimble sewing fingers and quickety split thinking brain.

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