Wednesday 22 August 2012


Swan has this delightful book Another Night Before Christmas that we both love to pieces. We bought it on sale at Exclusives and I have always wondered how on earth it ended up on sale because it is the loveliest tale with my most favourite illustrations. Swan has been sick so she has watched a brain crisping amount of telly, keeping her company I noticed a program which had remarkably familiar characters. MOUK!!!! An animated TV series about the adventures of Mouk and Chavapa, adapted from the illustrations of MARC BOUTAVANT. I have the biggest artist envy ever - the colour, the texture and the detail, plus the kawaii'est creatures this side of Sanrio. This is SO stocked in my dream shop!

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  1. Oohh my! These illustrations are so beautiful!!! :D
    By the way: Hello, Kim, my package project partner!!! I tried emailing you months ago but i think my email was wacky, so i don't know if it ever sent.
    Hope you're doing well :-)
    -Kjersti from New York