Monday 13 August 2012


The Messy Studio outside is in dire need of renovation, I mean D.I.R.E. We inherited horrendous drainage issues when we bought our house which has meant that the Messy Studio floods to the knees with any rain over a gentle misting. This is all fine and dandy if I am using it to spray paint but we can't store anything which makes it a wasted space. It is a small space but I have big visions for it, visions way beyond my budget and the actual square meterage but hey that's never stopped me before! So here is the next installment in my home maintenance vision quest. Messy Studio gets MADE!

Once I have created a worm hole to expand the size of the interior, the roof has to be fixed, so I plan on removing the ceiling and painting the lovely new exposed rafters white. Walls will be white too, stripped brick would be even better but the space really is teeny and needs light to grow.

A lovely cement floor, this is the only part of the reno that actually is in the realm of possibility as the floor is already bare concrete, just needs a scrub and a screed.

A cement basin or two would be splendid, absolutely vital in the messy studio for paint brushes and clay sludgy stuff.

How about a mezzanine, now this is probably a more realistic representation of the space before any manipulation of time and matter. It's good to dream on Monday's!

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