Thursday 26 April 2012


Now I love really ancient tapestries and really kitsch tapestries but sometimes there are ones in between that are a little blah. Too smooth or something? I also love the digital pixelated nature of them and the limited colour palette, very similar to Paint-by-Numbers. So once again, purists please avert your eyes and take pleasure in the fact my fingers are hurting like heck. I have wanted to distress a tapestry or cross stitch for a long time, a bit like how I cut into paper to make texture for my illustrations. It is amazing just how cathartic and how intricate the process of undoing someones work is. Like going in reverse but with a different outcome all together. There was a section of this tapestry that I wanted to highlight and use in the CON AMORE Haberdashery installation. I created a board yesterday on PINTEREST for Repurposed Tapestries, I could have added a trillion more but was getting too sidetracked!

Opening the back unearthed the pattern number, ooh so awesome and the colour test. The tapestry was pinned to the board by the tiniest and sharpest tacks I haver ever seen, like little devil thorns.

Sore fingers and a large bag of colourful wool fluff later, so pleased with my deconstructed tapestry, will hang it up with pale blue striped ribbon tape on a pale blue hook.

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