Wednesday 18 April 2012


These are two of the elements I have sourced for the CON AMORE La Lucia Haberdashery installation. Purists out there avert your eyes because I am going to be spray painting them both. Please don't cry, you'll see how beautifully they will don their new hues and bring their vintage aesthetic gracefully into a contemporary setting. Wooden shoe last and Caslon printers tray.

The messy studio looking a bit like a Columbian prison cell, dusty but ready for some spray painting action.

My cheerful yellow drop sheet saw way too much residue during my surf board prep, so cue a shiny new serious, extra strong, 75 Micron number.

All taped up and a little bit Dexter-ish but going to be making a semi violent paint storm. I practise safety first and will post a picture later of my stylish gear, have added a large pair of goggles to my gas mask.

They don't know quite what is about to envelop them but chin up, it's time to be coated in many fine layers of white and the most glamorous duck egg blue.

First coat, only about a trillion to go, rather like this moody shot.

One can down, about half way. Use a really awesome but expensive Painters Flat White, coverage is brilliant and gives the perfect Matt finish. Am on my way out to a final secret shhhhh location for the last few bits and bobs, more posts to follow.

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