Thursday 19 April 2012


I love scissors nearly as much as I love hammers so I was beside myself when the wonderful gentleman proprietor of a local haberdashery (that is closing it's doors after eons) sold me these WISS scissors. They could not make up for the sadness of the shops demise but are a matching pair to my pinking shears so I am most grateful to have them. These shapely scissors where used by the haberdashers themselves and were not for sale to the public. I will be using the paper packaging in the CON AMORE Haberdashery installation.

There is a lovely history of J Wiss & Sons here.

No discerning manufacturers marks on these two - bought separately from different collectors. Love the austere nature of the black pair and the jaunty red enamel grip of the right pair.

These crazy and extremely dusty high quality numbers hail from a trading store down a busy alley. Going to put them all together in a vintage jar or jug or may even hang them as is, will decide later.

These dainty little bird embroidery scissors have been around for yonks, this is a modern version which reminds me of a stylized Ibis.

The complete other side of the coin, these little thread nippers are practicality personified. No muss no fuss, packaged in grease to keep away the rust. These weeny beasties are all work and no play.

On their recent trip to India, Charles Kerr and Maria Cochrane, style proprietors and owners of CON AMORE, collected these wonderful tailors scissors for the Haberdashery. Read more about their trip here.

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