Tuesday 20 December 2011


During the lovely days of Giveaways I have also been putting together my Package Project Partner Kjersti's parcel. It arrived safely in New York a week ago so I can let you have a peek at what I sent. See Kjersti's blog New York Kitty Art for her post. I have always been a present wrapping freak and love to collect all matter of fripperies to tie onto gifts, I usually have a theme that I stick to for a while and my latest collection has been Paris, the Eiffel Tower, celluloid charms, anchors and a black/white/pink stripe.

I made Kjersti one of my Nursery Rhyme hoops with cat pins and vintage children's textbook pics. Kjersti LOVES cats and I bought a really beautiful set of Choo Choo cat cards and stickers plus lots of other kitty goodies.
The ceramic cat top left is by Carla da Cruz of Token Ceramics, I have bought so many of her heart brooches as they are the perfect present. The two floral cats beneath are by The Deco Collection, I love their sweet pose. I bought the 168 Panther playing cards at the SPCA shop and the beautiful blue hued bangles at the KZNSA BuzzArt Christmas Fair. The gorgeous quilted repurposed notebook is from iKHAYA, it was such an incredibly beautiful shade of Marie Antoinette blue! The best part of the whole parcel was the brilliant custom made brooch that Mariet from Kittens With Mittens made of Kjersti's Siamese cat Pongo, what a beaut! There is a funny story behind it which you can read on Kjersti's blog.

This is my last post of this year, I'm wrenching myself away from my machine to spend some time away from technology and WORK. So I wish you all a very safe and chilled festive falala! See you in 2012. Should Kjersti's parcel manage to make it through the quagmire that is our customs over the holidays then I will crank up my Macbeast to show you my parcel otherwise I am switching off, no other temptations!!!

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  1. Lovely, my aunt in the uk is cat mad, have to send her this.
    Thank you for all the inspiration, especially when my day was bleak. Cheered me up. Have to admit loved your surf board stikkend!