Friday 16 December 2011


On the twelfth day of Giveaway - FROZEN CHARLOTTE. Oh it is the last day of the 12 Days of Giveaways sniffle. Buuuut I am using it to introduce you to a very exciting project that Rhenda iKHAYA and I have been working on like crazy Christmas elves, Frozen Charlotte. This is our brand spanking new range of ceramic dolls and curiosities. They will be limited edition and numbered so you know it's the real dealio. There will be a white series, a brightly glazed series and even some very special hand painted darlings. Combined with these will be extremely splendid and special dolls from our vintage collection.

Frozen Charlotte dolls were made from 1850 to 1920, the name comes from an American folk ballad Fair Charlotte, a cautionary tale concerning a young woman who did not wrap up warmly during a sleigh ride to a New Years Ball and froze. Made primarily in Germany they have become highly collectable even those that were damaged when the factory that made them burned to the ground.

The Japanese Charlottes are colourful and kawaii with a cute flapper style and the chubbiest cheeks! Hand painted bisque with really kooky primary colours.

Fair Charlotte's fiance was a young man called Charlie, so the wee boy dolls are known as Frozen Charlies, they can be found in bisque or hard plastic or celluloid. Sometimes buck nekkid, sometimes in a fetching sailor suit, clutching a posy or a sail boat or a bunny.

Do not pass out at the awesomeness of these little ladies from Ghana called Clonette dolls. iKHAYA is awaiting delivery of these beauties and best you get your mitts on a few as they are fast becoming design icons. They come in such sweetie colours and the little lasses (and grown up lasses) love them so!

Todays Giveaway is three of our very first batch baked. A start to your beaut collection. If you would like to purchase some of these sweetpeas for your own or another - hot foot it down to iKHAYA's stall at the IHEART Market this fine Saturday and the WONDER Market on Sunday. Last chance to buy fantabulous hand crafted goodies before falalala and hohoho.

Make sure you collect all your lovelies and send me a mail with their names by Monday 19th absolute latest, so that I can announce the winner of the 12 Days of Giveaways. Hoolalay and Hip Hooray!!!