Thursday 1 December 2011


On the first day of Giveaway - iKHAYA. I have made no bones about how much I love Rhenda's style and Nev's craftsmanship. There is magic in their store, the special kind that comes from simple beauty, constantly evolving ingenuity, nature's kiss and the breath of tradition reworked. It is a place to linger and look. Things move around and shift into a myriad design possibilities. I like to think of their ethos as EcoScandAfrican. Time and history are honoured. Commonplace is turned inside out and outside in and made new.
435 Windermere Road, Morningside, Durban.

A classic example of this inventive upcycling are their notebooks, old books are transformed into a place to store lists, ideas, recipes, love notes and world domination machinations, rebound with pristine blank pages. The latest edition to these literary masterpieces are westerns, romance novels and children's annuals. It's the secret they harbour under their covers that makes me love them so. They have a really wonderful weight and texture when you carry them. Today's GIVEAWAY is three of these beauties!
The smaller red one has a very prim feel to it like a posh boarding school which would be a splendid cover up for racy thoughts ooh la la.

Dressmaking for Girls has the most amazing colour combo I have seen in forever. The silhouette is trés now and would make a grand book for chic appointments.
For a littlie, boy or girl, the cheerful yellow binding and acid green would make a perfect car colouring-in book as it is a good size and the cover is firm enough to act as a lap desk. Eep wish they were all mine!