Thursday 8 December 2011


On the sixth day of Giveaway - SAVAGE JEWELLERY. Nicky Savage introduced me many moons ago to what I think of as classic modern alternate jewellery design. Her work is high end technically, the metalwork is clean and minimalist, strongly influenced by geometry as well as the more fluid shapes of nature. It has a purity and simplicity which places emphasis on the detail. I have worn her shorter cubed wand earrings for a very long time, they came in different lengths and also in a cylindrical format. I have never found an earring which I like more. They are timeless and modern and go with everything.

My parents celebrated their Ruby Anniversary this year, a few months before emigrating to Australia. Nicky created a beautiful necklace to celebrate the occasion as well as to give my mom a keepsake to hold family and places she was leaving behind close to her heart.

This is the necklace that I saw on the SAVAGE JEWELLERY blog, which Nicky then created a custom version of for my mom, with each charm  having a very special significance. Nicky's work is available from the I HEART Market, Africa Nova, Artisan, Fat Tuesday, KZNSA, Teremok Spa and Tinsel.

Today's Giveaway from SAVAGE JEWELLERY is a delicious Cotton Candy necklace. Little stamped silver pendants hung on candy coloured cotton cord. I am going to keep which one you will be getting a surprise - naughty naughty!

These are perfect on their own or a few at a time or with one of Nicky's charm or silver heart necklaces.

Ok, I'll give you a clue, it is one of these and maaaay relate to my blog.

Halfway through the Giveaway and still six more beauties to come oooooh! 

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