Monday 12 December 2011


On the eighth day of Giveaway - CUPCAKE COUTURE. Nadia is a creative consultant and genteel lady extraordinaire. If you were lucky enough to be handed the keys to a secret shop that had been kept sealed away since the 40's, a shop that was as clean as a new pin, a shop that smelled of vanilla, a shop that held a treasury of fine haberdashery and crisp stationery - you would know what Nadia is all about.

Besides working with independent creatives to build their brands and bake their blogs, Nadia has busy fingers. Busy fingers that make beautiful things like corsages, brooches, stationery and hair accessories. This year she has directed The Package Project a truly wonderful way to spread craft love across the world by linking like minded talents in countries cross the seas.


Nadia's timeless treasures can be found at the I HEART Market, Wonder MarketMOOI, Lady Jane Vintage, Fat Tuesday and The Fringe Arts.

My absolute fave aspect of Nadia's work is the inspired pieces she has made for weddings, I am all over the shakin' up of traditional wedding garb and decor like gold dust on fairy cakes.

Nadia's own wedding which is documented here is a perfect example of how the work of many loving hands and the thoughts of many inventive hearts making true memories for families to share.

Today's Giveaway is a dashing Victorian inspired corsage in jet, charcoal and ivory. It has a lovely preppy appeal and could be worn on a crisp white shirt with a high collar and skinny tie or a blazer or a lace shift or pinned to your handbag. LOVE it!!!!


  1. Wow. I collect old button, which started when my granny died.
    I think your friend would love my scotty dogs from the 50's.
    Mum has Victorian buttons hidden a closet so I can't get my paws on them.
    This is inspirational stuff. Wow.

  2. I found your blog through Nadia. I love the hairpins on the cards.

  3. if it wasn't for Nadia and CupCake Couture i would have never found the blog or the amazing competition!
    kim i must just say ever since the first time i saw your illustrations i fell and inlove and the same goes for Nadia, the amazing detail and the awesome vintageness is just right up my alley.
    well done girls, keep up this amazing work! ♥

  4. Bought one today for my baby sister. Thanks missy Kim

  5. Nadia's table is always so inspiring with many gorgeous treasures.