Tuesday 13 December 2011


On the ninth day of Giveaway - THE PAINTED BLACKBIRD. It's me, again! Maybe I should do this one under an assumed name, incognito, hush hush. You might have also thought I somehow managed to score a Rob Ryan cough cough, but no, this is a paper cut done by yours truly in the traditional style of Wycinanki, traditional Polish paper cut design. As perfected by artists such as the most incredibly wonderful Rob Ryan and locally our very splendid Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx. I took my raggy little paper cut and transformed it into a vector drawing which is nice and crisp. You may choose between this little number and the print below.

This little Christmas scene is from my vault, it was my Christmas Card for last year but went out as a mailer. It is my family and fairy tales and Pippi and Scandi and pointy little witchy shoes. I am going to finally do a very petite print edition of 5. It would make a little gal very delighted even if she did not have freckles or piglet tails but dreams of Black Forest G├íteau and large bear hugs and perfectly symmetrical fringes. Both are archival quality prints on Fujirag, 205 x 248.5 mm. Only 3 more days to enter, Lovelies, keep those followers a joinin', I will be so tickled to make 100.


  1. i'm loving the vector cut out image!
    it is so beautiful.
    it looks really amazing.
    i'm going to post this competition up on my page on facebook.
    www.facebook.com/vintage.lover.store :)
    i'll be so happy to win any little thing, i hope you get to your 100 mark!

  2. Loving all the giveaways. Such talented artists. Big thanks to Cupcake Couture for sending me your way!

  3. Luving this Missy Kim. Talent deluxe!

  4. As you newest follower, via the gorgeous Cupcake Couture, I just wanted to lend a supportive hand in helping you to achieve your 100 followers! One of these gorgeous prints would look delightful in my 6-month-old daughter Lola's vintage inspired bedroom. Holly from Love, Thomas x (www.lovethomas.blogspot.com)

  5. As I said before I followed the trail from Nadia @ Cupcake Couture. They both are equally amazing ~ hard to choose eek!

  6. oooh i missed this day!paper cut out tells a perfect little story!