Friday 8 March 2013


Ok so now comes the time when I have to set 11 Questions for the lovelies who I have awarded the LIEBSTER to.

1. Do you have a collection, if so, how did it begin?
2. What inspires you most - fashion, interiors, product design, architecture, food, travel and how does this relate to your work and then your blog.
3. Have you had days when you are stuck with your blog and how do you dig yourself out of the writers block pit of doom?
4. Do you feel blogs are the new village market or town gossip?
5. Have you made real life connections from your blog (not of a romantical nature) and have they benefited your work and visa versa?
6. If your blog was an animal what would it be? (like in a vision quest kind of way)
7. Who would you most like to follow your blog?
8. Are you a fly by the seat of your pants blogger or do you meticulously craft your posts?
9. What is your favourite blog template and why do you like it's layout?
10. What has been your favourite online tutorial?
11. Would you like to make money from your blog?

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