Wednesday 6 March 2013



1. When you find a new blog in the sea of blogs, what are the characteristics that make you follow it?
1. I am driven firstly by all things visual, so it is the pretty pictures but then once I am hooked I like stories, people who have an off beat sense of humour and the details of their lives and craft.

2. Will blogging be the next Myspace, disappearing into obscurity in a few years?
2. Who knows the way the wind blows. Some of the blogs I follow have been around for years and time slips by secretly. Maybe now is when I mention I have difficulty committing.

3. Have you experienced any negativity on your blog and how did you deal with it?
3. So far the feedback has been positive, most of my followers are within the craft community and share compassion and passion for work made by hand.
No trolls under this bridge!

4. Which is more important on a personal blog, style or content?
4. Ooh here I am at my fence sitting best - sheesh - I have rewritten this a few times - even with beautiful style, a blog can be a little vacuous without the personality of sprightly content.

5. What appeal do smaller, non-professional blogs have to readers, if any?
 5. Same appeal as hand made versus commercially manufactured?

6. Do you find blogging fuels your consumerism?
6. My consumerism usually relates to a collection which I follow with dogged persistence but my collections are sparked by obscure triggers and not related to blogging. However I do use my blog as a vision board for objectives/wishes/dreams/grand schemes so maybe in an indirect way I am romantising my consumerism.

7. Does blogging and social media ever make you feel like you are living life through a camera?
 7. Not so much through the camera as through a sieve of judgement. Sometimes blogging can play on one's desire to be living a hyper happy life. I try to steer clear of unrealistic expectations which can be a downer on natural, spontaneous creativity. My spice rack is not alphabetized.

8. People evolve all the time, do you ever feel the need to edit old posts?
8. I think way too much and worry way too much about the smallest minutiae of life as it is, so have to be strict with myself about not stressing about what has come before. Let that sleeping past lie.

9. Do you ever feel shy to tell people about your blog and why?
9. No, I love my blog, in a gentle way, it is a pleasant place for me, one step away from a poem that you let other people read even though it's not that amazing but you are proud of it anyway because it means something to you.

10. How much do you think about your online identity and how do you decide what is too much information to share?
10. I don't think about it outside of my daily post, I don't like to share too much personal family stuff as this is a blog that relates more to my work. I also keep it upbeat not to make my life like candy floss but because it is an escape for me from mundanity, fear, sadness, boredom, anger, frustration and negativity.

11. What is the most rewarding part of blogging?
11. Making things happen. I began this blog to focus on my illustration again, to try new things and to push myself to accomplish and finish creative tasks. If I write about it, I must make it so, that is my first rule of Blog Club.

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