Thursday 7 March 2013



This is difficult for me because I am a creature of habit, so I have a small groups of blogs that I frequent religiously, I am loyal to a fault so it is rare that new blogs stick around. And some of my faves have a following of more than 200 eergh.

1. MINT The Shop - retro kitchenalia, collectables and furniture blog
2. ONCE - a beautiful artist with crafty hands
3. KITTENS WITH MITTENS - the most amazing embroidered brooches EVER!
4. NO 19 - amazing stylist and product designer, very talented eye for industrial vintage
5. LULUSHOP - more delicious vintage treasures
6. ILOVEBOKKIE - clever modern South African furniture design
7. LOST IS A PLACE TOO - my illustration girl crush
8. EENDAG OP 'N REENDAG - the best jewellery in all the land
9. IKHAYASTORE - my sista in all things made
10. MENGSEL - homegrown screen printing illustration talent in London
11. LUCKY PONY - now I am cheating with this one because I think Angie has abut 1 trillion followers but I LOVE this blog sooooo much

Oh shoot I have run out of time, questions will have to be tomorrow. Laters Gators!

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