Wednesday 6 June 2012


Thank you Jo, COELHO CULTURE, for taking pics of our FROZEN CHARLOTTE table at the IHEART market this last Saturday 2nd June. I had scatter brain disease so forgot my camera. We displayed a selection of antique milk glass and crystal with air plants (Tillandsia). Like mini sculptural succulents they require very little care and no soil, just a light mist with water and no direct sunlight. Perfect for inside. A selection of glass and rusty metal FLOWER FROGS, including a spectacular Protea sized dome which I am loathe to part with. Sterling silver necklaces with pendants made from vintage Pick Up Sticks, carefully curated vintage ceramic creatures and unusual glassware. Old wooden bokkies given the luxe treatment by being dipped in gold enamel. Not to mention customised clipboards, limited edition prints and some crazy geometric wooden brooches. All of which will be stocked at iKHAYA.
435 Windermere Road, Morningside, Durban. 


  1. Luvverly! I am the lucky new owner of the bokkie pair :)

  2. So happy they went to a good home xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx