Friday 22 June 2012


So the mid-century owl won over the second pixie. Am having such fun with the carving and print making, so decided to do a more detailed single colour print. Because some of my lovelies do not own a piece of my work yet and I managed to hide the original entry explanation in a whole lot of waffle - I am extending the deadline - for the FULL Giveaway and creating a second giveaway to help with the first. Eeegh sounds complicated! Leave a message on this post or drop me a mail at TODAY and you could win one of these sweet little owls in red (A5). Take a pic. of him in your home and voila! you can enter for the A2 WolfPandaSquirrel Giveaway. Don't forget to send me a photo of my work in your home by next Friday (last chance) to win the biggie. Thank you to the lovelies who have entered already! * To be fair you may enter the OWLY Giveaway irrespective of if you already own a piece of my work or not.

Please excuse dodgy photos, it is so dark and dingy today.


  1. Aaaah! Pretty! I want one so bad! :) Pleeeease!

  2. I <3 OWLS
    Your work is so beautiful especially the Teal, I can see this image in my room, with all my other owl goodies.

    Please pick me!
    I want to enter the other competition as well.

  3. Adding my name to the mix, love your work!

  4. Oh they are lovely! WIll be entering the other competition too! Speedball + lino gets a bit obsessive (in a good way of course)!

  5. these look awesome. love it