Monday 11 June 2012


We function in a very small space in what is our 'clean' studio, you seen lots of pics of the 'messy' studio which is our paintin' sprayin' cuttin' rootin' tootin' area. 'Clean' studio underwent a mini face lift this weekend, still a bit to do but here is a peek at my new shelving. I am so excited, kept creeping in to have a look at it. I can find my stuff!!! It's normally at least one strata down in a very tall pile of all kinds of crap. Y'all may recognise a few bits and bobs from my lovelies.


  1. oh it is just too much of the beautiful!! Makes me want to get all organisy too!

  2. what a beautiful brilliant look!
    as soon as i have off time this is what i'm doing :)
    thank you for the inspiration! x

  3. green with envy - inspiring me to get tidying & organized...x