Thursday 21 June 2012


I was a busy bunny yesterday, it was a wonderful day of making and happiness. Finally got to use my SPEEDY CARVE to make some Pixie prints. Was so happy with the result (pardon, even if I say so myself). The inspiration was a trio of little vintage china pixies that I found at ECLECTIC 155 Gordon Rd. Had a red one in my box of chinaments growing up. Love the damaged glaze and their gold booties. They have sweet faraway expressions and hoodies with ears.
Limited Edition. Hand Printed on 200gsm Ashrad. Edition of 10.

The prints are misregistered on purpose and are all slightly different which I love. I carved out small lino style stamp blocks for the bigger areas of colour, then added colour detail with my Pantone markers. The line work is a top secret technique that I use shhhhhhh. The gold is waterbased enamel which gives a really lovely antique burnish to the booties.

There are 3 pixies in the series but I got carried away looking at ceramic owls last night, so I may have to do an owl today rather than the next pixie. I'll show you what won tomorrow in the battle of the kitsch ceramics!


  1. Hi Kim, I have a bunch of these pixies! I just can't resist them. I saw the cabinet full of them at "Eclectic"...*swoon* All my "babies" are packed away at the moment as I'm in the process of re-doing my craft room. Love, love, love your print!

  2. I also have a pixie... a little red one sitting on a log.....don't you just love their little faces.