Friday 2 September 2011


I bought this beautiful sielulintu bird from MINT a little while ago. It is a ceramic relief mould tray made by Robert Jefferson as part of the Clariceware, Poole Pottery, Spring Time Collection of 1964. It has a sister piece that is a wall plaque in a rather crazy dark blue glaze - there is also a fish and a knife.

These wooden sielulintus are available from the super talented Sanna Annukka, I love her work, particularly her amazing sense of pattern and colour.

Skinny Laminx lasercut card sielulintu. A combination of so many of my favourite things - Kraft paper, paper cut-outs and of course Eep the bird.

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  1. I love your Robert Jefferson bird tray. Much better in that colour too than the more usual green.