Wednesday 7 September 2011


Today I'm crackin' open the vault and dusting cobwebs. During the rather strange and almost calamitous change of centuries (1999 and 2000) I drew a whole lot of autobiographical postcards. I was short of cash and obsessed with fashion and looking to do some self promotion. The result was Peepshow. Line drawings in Rotring ink using a calligraphy/fountain pen (I love the shine of shellac) coloured with Pantone markers. I have no idea what I was thinking with some of them but they show the progress of my illustration and a peek into popular culture round about the Y2K. 

The best luck they bought me was meeting an exceptionally cool stylist, Justine Tasker, we are besties still and she continues to delight and inspire me with her mad installation skills and killer eye.  

Disturbance had them displayed in their reception back in the day. Check out this extremely talented design studio, their Daily is well worth following.