Tuesday 13 September 2011


In 2008 I had a teeny solo exhibition at The Corner Café, called Never Eat Silk Worms. A little ditty a teacher of mine came up with to help those direction challenged persons such as myself to remember the order in which North, East, South and West occur. I am completely madly absolutely crazy over Loteria cards (Mexican Bingo cards), the original deck has been interpreted by many many artists over the years. These five are my version and were sold as little stretched canvases. I am doing a new edition of them as archival prints to be framed for those of you who missed out. I think they would complement the set of BIG LOVE prints as well as the vintage ROSE LOVE postcards that will be in store at iKhaya soon soon. A series of 5 archival prints on Fujirag.
 R400 each, unframed (excl.postage & packaging) 210 x 260 mm (the actual print area is 110 x 160 mm). An edition of 10 each. Available at iKhaya

The top image was my emailer invite and the photo below a snap of the teensy exhibition. The lovely Caryn Tilbury and I painted the mural in a day and practically gave ourselves tennis elbow and 3rd degree dehydration. It was big and we did lots of coats to make it flat as I don't like the blotchy patchy! Design Indaba Magazine did a lovely piece on my work, you can see more images of the exhibition here.

These were 2 of my slides from Pecha Kucha 2009. I was soooo nervous. I spoke as if the Beast of Bodmin Moor was after me (or the Alpha in Teen Wolf). They show some vintage Loteria cards and the fairytales that beguile me, in both their childhood and adult Fantasy genre versions.


  1. Funny, that exactly how I remember my North, South East, West. Love your work! X

  2. I am so glad you do too, sometimes I think I have my own urban legends, can't decide if they are real or something my over active imagination came up with!