Tuesday 20 September 2011


I am working like mad on an illustration for a mosaic collaboration this week, will post when complete. I thought you could have a look at a treasure of a blog in the interim. I do hope you have lots of time on your hands and please don't hate me for intoducing you to Geninne's Art Blog. It is so wonderful you will be lost for weeks, be sure to look at her photos on Flickr too.

I love her illustration and craft but I love her sense of style and ability to create and curate a scene even more. Her colour palette is insane! There are some artists that I want to be when I grow up and besides Vivienne Westwood, Geninne is so on my list. This is the first half of a blog that is to do with Printers Trays, will complete the post over the next few days when I can squeak some time out. But for the time being just immerse yourself in the Wunderkamer.

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