Tuesday 24 July 2012


Thank you so much to my champion of typography and design, (plus practical sense) Scott, my partner in all things wonderful, for his invaluable help on my big install (will do a post on the install once it has served it's lovely purpose). A splendid and gigantic thank you to Jo and Amber for having faith in me. To my right hand gal Miss Caryn, who understands and tolerates and helps to make real my wayward ideas (to the point of burning fingers). AND a crazy giant AWESOME thank you will bells and whistles and cherries on the top to the fantastic team at PROJECT ROOM - Marius, Andrea, Jarred and Martin. You guys rock! You were such a pleasure to work with, made the thoughts in my brain come alive and did not leave until it was done and done right. Thank you too to Nev and Rhenda for the craftsmanship on the frames - perfect as always PLUS BRAND IRON for the great prints. p.s. Thank you to Neville for some wisdom when I needed it, you are a true gentleman.

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