Thursday 26 July 2012


The first trend for the MR PRICE Press Launch Installation was Aquatic - all gorgeous metallics & sheen  with an ethereal moodiness. One of the images from my initial brief was by underwater photographer ZENA HOLLOWAY whose work I absolutely love, so I followed through with the otherworldly state that she captures to come up with my solution (* see my mood board above).

I designed a 3m long classical ballet tutu made from the softest bridal tulle in beautiful shades of minty smoke. The wonderful seamstresses at CARNIVAL & BACKSTAGE ( Shop 23 Glenwood Village, 031 202 3852) and I fussed over the technicalities until we got the layering just right, so that it would have the lovely pouf of a tutu but also a melancholy drape. My dear right hand gal Miss Caryn, girl wonder, then sewed on giant iridescent flat sequins to catch the light like scales. This could have been a story about me setting fire to our kitchen while trying to dip dye a 3m tutu on our gas stove. Lucky for me there had been a run on Dylon Pewter Grey No.62 multipurpose fabric dye at every chemist in Durban, so we created the same effect by adding a gorgeous layer of powder charcoal tulle underneath the minty smoke.

Each install had an A1 print to support the trend, the gorgeous white box frames are by iKHAYA. This  illustration is from Ward Lock's Junior Pictorial Encyclopaedia of Science. It was printed  by BRAND IRON onto wallpaper which gives an amazing texture and really holds colour beautifully. Thank you CHRISTIAN MUGNAI for the heads up on this technique.

The sleek yet industrial rails were custom made by PROJECT ROOM, who also produced and installed the larger elements of my designs. Miss Caryn and I sourced the buoy's and rope at a shipping supplies shop. The string of vintage ornaments that look so much like bubbles are from my favourite Antiques and Collectables haunt, ECLECTIC (157 Gordon Road, 031 303 2218).


The very delightful clothes of course will be showcased on from Monday 30th July. Have a look at the following fab blogs for their posts on the Press Launch:


  1. thanks again for all your hard, swift work kim - you are one talented amazing lady x

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