Thursday 12 July 2012


Voila!! And the first phase of the Haberdashery installation at CON AMORE is up! It is really strange to see all the bits and bobs that have been collected and wrapped and moved around in my brain a million times - in their new home.

There are still some gaps as there is a lovely chest of antique goodies that I need to place, plus I want to attach a large airplant to the wire shelves top left. It is meant to be a living collage so we will be adding elements continuously.

This is one of my favourite bits, fabric from HERTEX and ST LEGER & VINEY displayed in embroidery hoops along with my vintage, distressed tapestry.

My captive knitting needles, fresh sweetpeas in a Lucia ware vase and a peek at the strung up scissors case. I wanted to combine the feel of old fabric shop with it's strange sometimes unidentifiable sewing implements with a contemporary craft working space. Plus a small taste of wunderkammer.

Vintage thread reels under glass pie funnels and a hanging garden of scissors.

My Iceberg print on an old drawer and my favourite pin tomatoes. Just a the top of the picture is a glimpse of my current obsession, one of them anyway! Those funny souvenir paintings on slices of wood. My granny had one when I was little and I love them to pieces!