Friday 6 July 2012


A1 piece of Bristol Board taped up and ready for action in the messy studio. Bit apprehensive as usually have my digital crutch.

Have masked off the area I want to remain white, which is the area around the block of eye blistering neon.

This was demon paint, sheesh! Not my usual brand but the perfect colour. It went absolutely everywhere, I had weird lumo pink feet and the messy studio now has a pink shag rug.

The blue was much more co-operative, held to the paper nicely and didn't make toxic dust.

The awesome side effect of the nasty pink was I could distress it by rubbing with some rough paper, also smoothed the blend really well.

Masked off the highlight colour behind the large crystal and Shade's portrait. Sprayed with my favourite duck egg blue but as usual camera makes it look a washed out grey.

Line work for Shade's portrait and second crystal grouping done with my super secret technique ooooh!

Really love the smooth retro gradient that the spray paint malfunction created, am always trying to get the feel of an etching without the beastly process.

Can catch a glimpse of my portrait of Olivia Newton John and the small areas that I masked off for the cacti flowers. Have removed the masking so that some of the line work overlaps into the white of the border.

And now for the torture, it just wouldn't be right not to lose a layer of skin in the name of art. Need a solid mask for the type so I can get it as crisp and clean as possible. Would have it lazer cut normally but trying to be Luddite for this project. Only using the hands! Will do another post with the last few bits and bobs next week, plus the finished work.


  1. Really, really, really, like this Kim, a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW! Fascinating to see the process!

  3. So interesting to see thx for sharing x