Monday 26 August 2013


We need at gate between the MESSY STUDIO courtyard and the rest of the wee patch of back garden as our darling Juno has never outgrown the chewing stage of puppydom and nothing wooden is safe. I want a old fashion garden gate, just galvanised preferably already rusty, so stopped in a LAVENDER & TROUT, after a lovely morning at the HIGHLAND GAMES, to take pics for reference. This gate was already sold and the other is one of the actual gates to the farm. We are going to have one made to fit the space that we have. Most of the best examples are Australian and in the Federation style which is a Baroque form of architecture prevalent in Australia, overlapping and influenced by the Edwardian period in England.
Have attached some of my favourites mostly from and 


  1. I had a gate like the first one growing up in the 'burbs of Johannesburg, very nostalgic...

  2. Stunning....i love gates like these!!!