Monday 22 July 2013



I have been admiring a plant for ages, seen it all over, especially while driving, from small bushes to much larger tree like scale. I love the way it changes from a beautiful chartreuse to a vibrant orange at it's tips. Was delighted to find out that one of it's names are Sticks of Fire, it's official name being
EUPHORBIA TIRUCALLI (thank you HINGHAM NURSERY for solving my mystery plant over the phone).
I was originally going to have lavender in the MESSY STUDIO planter but thought that a combination of lavender and a hedge of Firesticks would be awesome - fragrance and colour. But in doing my research this morning have discovered that it produces a poisonous latex which is extremely toxic and irritating to the skin. With a small amateur botanist/potion maker and two dogs that eat everything absolutely cannot grow a plant that has dangerous sap.

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