Tuesday 23 July 2013


I have been collecting bits and pieces for the MESSY STUDIO for a while now and was trying to keep some of them a surprise for the final ta daaaa! But I can't resist showing you what arrived promptly yesterday morning, a beautiful - satin soft - Nguni hide from NGUNI HIDE PRODUCTS. This was the picture online and it is even better in reality. I was a little nervous because although I shop online all the time, I have never 'cold' shopped from a individual supplier (versus the behemoth Ebay, Etsy's) so I was absolutely delighted at their amazing service, on the website they advertise Free Overnight Delivery in South Africa and wham bright and early there it was. Their prices are really good value as well. We have an Nguni hide in our lounge that we bought 15 years ago, it still looks as good as it did when we bought it. They are amazing underfoot, only require a sweep once or twice a week and spills wipe off easily with a damp cloth. FYI. They do need a little airing for the first few days, just to get used to the slightly bovine smell. 
The hides are from Dumain Tannery which follows the traditional art of hand working the hides. The hides are from cattle that are slaughtered humanely for meat and by products.

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