Wednesday 23 January 2013


It's dirty out back and noisy but Oh so exciting. Phase 2 of the MESSY STUDIO reno is underway. Bear with me, I know that pictures of my small rear yard are not as riveting to others as to my nearest and dearest but it is documentation of an artwork in progress, albeit a semi-industrial construction.

I am adding rubble to my collection of old broken stuff that I like to take pictures of, it joins rusty corrugated metal and rotting wood. Isn't it purdy!

How gorgeous is the new tongue and groove ceiling/roof, I love it so much, it transforms a tiny space into a cathedral of light and loveliness.

Who knew that windows were SO expensive, especially lovely old skool style ones. We went for this mock sash, which is custom made and very beautiful as the genuine sash was way too pricey for our wee hovel. Thank you for hanging in there on this long term installation, I am enjoying the process to the max.

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