Thursday 31 January 2013


My Mom is arriving from Oz today, we haven't seen her for two whole years so I am bursting with excitement! Wish it could be my whole emigrated family xxx In her honour the herb bed in my Mom's old claw foot bath has produced a wonderful moonlight white Nasturtium, nestled in amongst the Rose Geranium (Pelargonium). I have only ever managed to grow great big riotous overflowing masses of red and orange blooms so this delicate little beauty is a treat!


  1. When I was living in an apartment in long island, it also has an old claw foot bath there that grows Pelargonium. What I would do is that boil the flowers and place it on the tub then I would soak my feet there for hours. It feels relaxing, add the aroma of the boiled flowers and I would feel like I'm in a foot spa. I am not a podiatrist but I would say that it puts my feet in a better condition

  2. Reading this brings back memories, my mom also grew this kind of flower on our claw foot bath but now that she's in hospice care, no one took care of the flowers. The flowers wilted because there were no one to take care of them. I would visit her this month and show this post to her, I'm sure she will be happy if she could remember those times.