Tuesday 13 November 2012


Was looking for some reference for Dia De Los Muertos face painting and come upon the awesome SYLVIA JI. Cue massive artist crush!!! I love the colour, I love the pattern, I love the gothic sauciness and the big hair. I would like to dress like this everyday. Two of my lovelies have done wonderful posts on DDLM, have a peek at ELLOMENNOPEE beautiful Halloween costume and ONCE for more Day of the Dead splendidness.


  1. So Lovely. I have been collecting images for you. Will send soonest. xxx
    Oh and I LOVE your board design, makes me wanna be a surfer chick.

  2. Thanks for the love Kim, you are the best. Glad you enjoyed that post. I know that whatever you come up with will be A-MAZING, hope we get to see some pics!