Thursday 8 November 2012


DAVE VAN GINKEL created this years WAVESCAPES ART AUCTION board. His Dad gave him the board years ago, a hybrid  transitional board that marks the beginning of the evolution from the longboard to the short board. It was made by the grandfather of SA surfing JOHN WHITMORE. Whitmore is regarded as the pioneer of surfing in SA, particularly around surfboard shaping. A chance meeting with Dick Metz at Glen Beach lead to the import of Clark foam and the change from wood to fibre glass. He also discovered many surf spots including Elands Bay and Cape St Francis. As the owner of the first Kombi in the 50's (he worked at the VW factory in Uitenhage), he was the seminal surf tripper.

Here is a dodgy shot taken of the beautiful board to show you how tall it is! I take a photo at the beginning of the painting process to make a template for my initial sketch. I am going to have to stand on a ladder to work on this one.

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