Monday 5 November 2012

Escaped to the Midlands yesterday, been doing that a lot lately, would like to escape there permanently!  We visited most of our usual haunts and one new one which somehow slipped past our radar even though COELHO CULTURE did a lovely post on it in March. I also forgot my camera, so couldn't take any pics myself of their beautiful garden and barns, as well as the crazy wild roses abundant and riotously taking over the roadside hedgerows. I have artist envy of every part of CAFE BLOOM, from their very prolific vegetable beds cultivated by Sally and their 11 year old son Jo, (who were working in the garden while we drank our lime blossom tea) to Michael Haigh's wonderful ceramics. I had a lovely chat with him about seed saving when I went to pay my bill. It is encouraging to see a family living their convictions and creative dreams so thoroughly, a purposeful and beautiful life.

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  1. Thanks for the mention x such a beaut spot one of my faves x