Wednesday 10 October 2012


Swan and I have been making our way through the Famous Five series, all 21 of them, by Enid Blyton, my Dad read them all to me at the same age and they seeped into my subconcious. In last nights chapters we read about the patrins left by travellers and this bought back so many memories of holidays in the Berg where I made signs on the path out of leaves and sticks. I have been doing some research and work for an exhibition on Eu-Roma Gypsies but have only just begun to touch on the amazing history of humans as travellers now and in the past. A search for identity and roots.

A Patrin, means leaf or page of a book in Romani language, a message made of twigs/leaves/flowers/natural materials, sometimes tied with thin ribbon or cloth, used to give directions or advice to other gypsies.

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  1. I remember the patrins left by the gypsies in the Famous Five!! Loved those books, a magical time. A couple of years ago I re-bought the whole set and read them all over 49 years old! Doug