Tuesday 17 September 2013


Started a self portrait as part of a triptych to go with my two found redheads, but I am going to have to do another one because I like this one just how it is. My 'smartie' technique as Grace is calling it. I was soooo itching to paint huge messy strokes on a giant canvas the morning I did this one. It is so funny with oil painting I am finding immense freedom, this week I am doing a second CHINESE PAINTING course with AN YI and yet again I am struggling to be free with it, I get so agitated it is comical. Which is completely the opposite of how you need to be with CHINESE PAINTING. Below is the second phase of the second redhead, ignore her giant nostril if you can.

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  1. Kim I LOVE LOVE LOVE and am so excited for you. I haven't painted in ages (since my course)and am now inspired to get messy again!