Wednesday 3 April 2013


We went trundling about on the weekend to look for fittings for the Messy Studio's wee bathroom. Ooh it is tough when most of the stuff out there is blinging! We are looking for a small Belfast style sink and copper taps/shower rose. Finally came upon the most beautiful basin in all the land at PLUMBLINK, it is way too huge for our bathroom but now I am in a flurry to put it in our kitchen. The RAK Tulip Sink made out of Fireclay so it is not super smooth and factory robot-made looking, a porcelain dream. Plus at R 1 582.59 it is practically for free. For free! I'm not being frivolous here, if you have been basin shopping lately you would know that most standard run of the mill numbers start at about R2 200. Where to store it if I get it? 

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