Friday 10 February 2012


Now I have a special place in my heart cupboard for turned wooden dollies and was looking to add a new batch to my (and Swan's collection). So imagine my delight at spying these lovelies - spool knitting dollies. French knitting is the term I had heard of but apparently the originals were German and called Strick Liesel, the American version is Knitting Nancy. All my images today are from spool knitter aficionado MARIAN CLARK. I like the cheesy plastic ones too.


  1. Wow, I used to do this with my english granny.

  2. Hi! I don't know how I kept missing this post as I am constantly searching for anything to do with spool knitters. This is Marian Clark, thankyou for you post about my spool knitters. All except for one - the second last photo - are mine. I am researching for my book about them - a very long ongoing process over many years. I have decided that it is time that I finally do something about the actual writing using what information I have. Thanks again, hope you will show more of your collection, very best wishes, Marian aka maz in oz - aka spoolknitter - aka crazyhaberdasher